Primal Strength Part 2: THE SQUAT

Primal Strength Part 2: THE SQUAT

We all know the squat. Growing from infants to toddlers, you learned how to squat before you learned how to speak. The squat is the simplest movement to transfer from a standing to sitting position.

The squat position is primarily a position of rest, relaxation, and waste elimination. But the squat is more…

When under resistance, the squat is a powerful movement that can be used to lift heavy objects. And when trained properly, the squat is the greatest builder of leg muscle strength and size.

Learning and practicing the squat can help to build functional strength while boosting metabolism and building a better-looking butt.


How to SQUAT

There are many variations of squatting movements. Below is a list of the 5 the most common squat variations. 


1. Chair Squat

2. Pole Squat

3. Body Squat

4. Goblet Squat

5. Barbell Squat


The most common opportunity to practice your squat is every time you sit on the toilet. Without sufficient leg strength you will struggle to get yourself up from a toilet, especially a low toilet. 

To be sure you maintain leg strength, practice a minimum of 10 squat repetitions daily. Any squat variation will do.

Now, go get your squat on!

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  1. I listened to a blog post the other day talking about the reason that alot of folks end up in a nursing home is because they can’t get off the toilet under their own power. Poor leg strength from the squat position is the reason. Thank you for the exercise vids!

    1. Exactly right! Getting up from a toilet is HUGE. When someone can’t care for themselves in this manner, the become a burden of family and loved ones, and many times they’re sent off to nursing homes. No matter how much they’re loved, nobody enjoys wiping poop from others’ butts!

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