Cody is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, All American Athlete and movement practicing nature enthusiast, who shares the message of pursuing nature and physical movement as the path to creating health, happiness, and longevity. Cody prescribes movement and nature together as a means of healing many of the physical and mental afflictions of modern life. To Cody it is obvious… A natural, movement- based lifestyle is the path to health, happiness and longevity.

Cody has always enjoyed playing a variety of recreational sports. From playing high school football, baseball and basketball to earning the distinction of being the NCAA Division II All-American Javelin thrower. Cody spends his free time trail running, weight training, backpacking, practicing yoga, and becoming a better person. 

Cody graduated from The University of Findlay with degrees in Health Studies BS, Strength and Conditioning BS, and earned a Doctorate in Physical therapy at the University of Findlay.

After becoming a physical therapist Cody took a position as a traveling Physical Therapist to see America. Cody has experienced the various flavors of nature: coastal mountains, oceans, southwest canyons, deserts and everything between. And now he is adventuring the northern arctic tundra of Alaska. 

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